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In the early eighties, my mom, aunt Patti, Tony Wilson, and several other family and almost-family members had transitioned from a hippie commune in Ojai to Newport Beach, where they found themselves immersed in a life full of passion for sustainablity, organic farming, cooking, art, hand-making things, rigging things that were falling apart, their children, and their health. Aunt Patti and Tony Wilson opened up Alta Coffee Warehouse and Roasting Company in Newport Beach, naming the roaster after my tu-tu, Alta Dooley. It is now a coffee house, where locals sip coffee, tea, see live music, and eat good food.
Later, aunt Patti moved up to Santa Cruz, and Tony Wilson and my mom, Dawna Banse, established Wilson Coffee Roasting, in order to keep the coffee business going and for the simple love of honest and organic coffee. 
In 2011, my wife and I received the torch, and we are now keeping alive the Wilson/Spooner/Banse/Dooley, now Schwartz, call of coffee duty. We are honest people with no motive to be monetarily rich, only to spread a wealth of health. We are honored to be in a business where we believe in our product and the practices behind achieving sustainablity of our earth, fair-trade consumerism, and simply delicious coffee and tea.
Peace and Love,
Jim and Darla

Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company

Alta was part of the beginning of the “Coffee House” wave and so was Patti. The original “Wild Woman,” Patti Spooner, known not just for her amazing organic coffee and tea, but also as a fearless businesswoman with cutting edge ideas who never settles for less than sustainable and local. Prior to owning Alta Organic Coffee and Tea Company in Davenport, CA, Patti was the original owner of Alta Coffee Warehouse and Roasting Company in Newport Beach, CA. They started roasting coffee in 1984 then sold the business as a café 12 years later. It is still there today.  The name “Alta” came from naming the business after a woman Patti has always admired and viewed as a hero, her mom Alta. A fearless woman herself, at the age 95 years old, she is still stirring it up. Alta also means “high” and that is the region that coffees are grown, high altitudes.


It was here in Newport Beach, CA, where Patti and her partner, Tony Wilson created the second coffeehouse in existence in the area at the time. They established their own green waste program and recycle areas.  They were first to offer fresh scones and homemade muffins and granola. There was even a “bring your own ceramic mug” policy and got $.25 off your coffee.  After 12 years she and her partner sold the business, then soon after moved to Davenport, CA, with her two sons Max and Mike.


It has been 15 years now since the family of Spooners first began their coffee roasting business in Davenport, CA.


















Wilson Coffee Flyer Circa 1999:

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