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ORganic Bean Origins


Ethiopian   light-medium body, fruit forward, chocolaty, balanced, rich, and aromatic.


uganda -  thick, dense feel, savory and peppery, dark fruit, nutty, and smoky flavors.


New guinea-   one of the world's finest. intense flavor, very floral and fragrant; clean, mineral-rich, and bright with a solid, low-acidic body.


Bali-   shade grown, full body, nutty, and hints of black cherry.


Timor-   as with all coffees from indonesia, timor is full bodied, with slight herbal undertones. great on its own or in a blend. 


Sumatra-   an indonesian classic, known for its richness and unusually full body. intense and exotic flavor, with earthy, herbal tones. 


floresindonesian masterpiece, rich, full body, maple and vanilla flavors, perfect balance of sweetness and earthiness. 


mexican-   the beans are large and uniform, well-balanced and clean. delicate body, hint of roasted hazelnuts, brews fragrant and sweet; a great blender.


honduras-   medium-full body, particularly sweet, perfectly balanced, and aromatic.


nicaragua-   the chardonnay of coffees; the beans are sun-dried and have a stunning acidity with a rounded, flowery flavor.


guatemala-   medium-full body, distinct smokiness, nutty flavor, exquisite aroma, rich, and spicy.   


el salvador-   central, balanced profile, bright, raw walnuts, sweet, floral aroma, carmel flavors, and low acidity.


colombia-   medium body, dependable, well-balanced, and full aroma.


brazil-   soft, dependable, medium body, nutty, mild.


peru-   full, creamy body, rich aroma, spicy fruitiness reminiscent of black cherries.










NEWPORT BLENDas the name implies, a superb blend full of character and richness with a touch of class. guatemalan, mexican, and sumatran. 


JAVA BLEND -  an hearty, robust blend, with full body and intense flavor, combining the dramatic characteristics of new guinea, mexican, and sumatran.


31ST  STREET BLEND-   my wife's favorite


ALTA BLEND-   this dramatic blend is a classic, just as the woman is who it is named after. it combines the flavors of colombia, costa rica, and new guinea, and it has just enough dark roast to give a delightful, bitersweet aftertaste. 






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